Celebrating 10 Years Of Albacore

Winemaker Steve Grimley with a bottle of Albacore

Here at Virgin Wines, we’re celebrating the 10 year anniversary of Albacore. If you’re a customer of Virgin Wines, we’re pretty sure you know all about Albacore. If you’re not, then put simply, it’s one of the our most popular wines of all time. We love it, the guys in Australia love it, and more importantly, you love it.

Keep your eyes peeled next week on your inbox, as we have something pretty special planned to celebrate.

Who better to tell us about the Albacore journey than the man himself, over to Steve.

The Inspiration

“Seems like yesterday Harvey, Hill, Dawson and myself were tuna fishing off the Limestone Coast – not sure exactly how many we got that day, but it took us until after midnight, frozen-fingered and well into the third box of sparkling ale, to fillet them all.

“Harvey was on constantly about how a tuna never stops swimming or it’ll die from lack of oxygen, and there had to be something in this as a starting point for our 3-box-of-beer discussion on whether or not we should start a wine business. In reality Dawson was the only one who really knew how to fillet them, so whilst he was doing most of the work, I asked him was and he replied “what his favourite kind of tuna The smaller ones. Albacore”.

“So Harvey kind of lost it – “That’s it! Albacore! Wicked name for a wine!” – and that was it.

Albacore Still Going Strong

10 years on, I have a Persian rug in my office, a kid bigger than me and a wine brand that’s turned 10 years old – although the sparkling ale habit is still as youthful as ever!

“A great result for ourselves, Virgin Wines and the clever people who’ve been drinking it for all these years. (That’s you guys.) Thank you.

“And so, on to this wine – the big Albacore 10th anniversary special.

“No budget, best spec, best wine, free rein on the packaging, just make the wine excellent, we trust you mate” was pretty much the brief.

“Unashamedly I was looking for something big and powerful. Heaps of impact on first glance but soft and subtle upon deeper inspection. We won’t go into the internal “banter” we had about which barrels I cherry-picked. If I repeated it you couldn’t print it anyway. However the blend was put together and what can I say? It’s really singing. McLaren Vale at its best. Dark and brooding, heaps of lovely warm spice and oak – this is a really nice wine that I’m sure everyone will love. I look forward to working on the 20th anniversary edition!”

So, there you have it, straight from the horse’s mouth. 10 years of Albacore, one sensational anniversary wine – a truly historic moment.


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