Celebrate Spain Week

This week here at Virgin Wines, it’s “Celebrate Spain Week”. Keep your eyes peeled on your inbox and on our home page for 5 days of outstanding offers, including everything from the smoothest reds in all the land as well as some hidden white gems.



Meanwhile here on the blog, we’ll be getting our wine buyers to share their thoughts on Spain, Spanish wines and what makes them so special – look out for these later in the week.

To kick things off today let us introduce you to Spain with our top 5 facts:

  • Garnacha is the Spanish name for the red grape Grenache
  • La Mancha, in the hot middle region (The Meseta) of Spain is home to the world’s most widely planted grape variety, Airen.
  • The town of Jerez in Southern Spain is the home of the fortified wine, Sherry.
  • Spain has more land dedicated to vines than any other wine growing country in the World.
  • Cava is the name given to sparkling wine produced in Spain. It is made in the same way as Champagne, but using local Spanish grapes.

To find out more about this fantastic winemaking country, visit our WineZone!


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