We have now reached the final stage in the creation of your new wine; the bottling. This will take place a few weeks from now once we receive your chosen label design back from our printers.

We are very excited that our brand new, state-of-the-art bottling line is now up and running for the first time today. It will continue to be tested and calibrated for the rest of this week and will be ready to start bottling properly next week, so your wine will be one of the first wines on our new line!

Bottling Line

Your wine is currently resting in large stainless steel tanks at our winery near the town of Orange. On the day of bottling the wine will be pumped from the tank and passed through a final filtering machine before heading to the bottling line.

Our modern bottling line is highly automated from start to finish, the empty bottles are cleaned using inert gas (nitrogen), then moved to the filling machine where they are automatically filled with your wine. The bottles will then be sealed with either a cork and capsule or a metal screw-cap closure depending on the outcome of your final vote.

Bottling Line

Once filled and sealed, lasers and scales automatically check each individual bottle to ensure the correct amount of wine is in each. The bottles then continue to the labelling machine where your chosen label design will be attached. The bottles are then automatically packed into cartons and sealed and then stacked onto pallets and wrapped with film all by machine. All this happens under the close supervision of our bottling line staff to make sure every bottle is dispatched in perfect condition.


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