Blend Vote – And the Winner is…

You may recall that in the last newsletter we invited you to take part in our very first vote where we asked you the following question.

Which blend option would you like to see make up the final wine?

Option 150% Grenache, 30% Syrah, 15% Carignan, 15% Cinsault

Option 2 – 30% Grenache, 50% Syrah, 15% Carignan, 15% Cinsault

Blend Winner

Before we go onto announce the winner, please let us apologise.  The very observant among you will have noticed that the blend options that we presented added up to 110% instead of 100%.  In both options we should have said 5% Cinsault instead of 15%.  Sorry for this mistake.

Over the two weeks that the vote was open, many of you had your say. The vote has now closed, the results have been counted and we can reveal that the winning option, by a small majority, is……

 Blend Option 1: “50% Grenache, 30% Syrah, 15% Carignan, 5% Cinsault”

Thanks to those of you who cast your vote and apologies to those of you who opted for Option 2. As the majority opinion has to rule in this project, we’ll be asking our friends at Perrin Family to make the wine with the Grenache majority blend.

We’re looking forward to tasting the finished wine but before we get to that stage, a number of other aspects of the finished wine have to be decided– keep your eyes peeled for details of the next vote.


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