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Launching The Valentines Gift Range

Fancy another pair of socks, flowers that’ll soon droop, or a ropey box of supermarket chocolates again this year? No, I thought as much! Not quite our idea of a Valentine’s gift either. A naughty glass of something nice with your special someone(s), though? Yes! Now we’re talking! I’ll level with you, we think traditional Valentine’s is all bit corny.

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Introducing The Wine Advent Calendar

This is all totally my fault; I hold my hands up! Guilty as charged. Last December I looked on with total envy (hidden to the best of my ability!) as my daughter sprinted into the kitchen every morning of December, tucking in to numerous chocolates and goodies found within her (numerous!) advent calendars before school. It reminded me of how

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Potts & Pans: #1 – A Food Fest Feast

I love late September; it’s a great time of the year. The days are beginning to draw in, the leaves begin turning brown, and the thought of kicking back in front of an open fire with a large glass of something red fills me with major excitement! It’s also a brilliant time of year for food. The shellfish season makes

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Finding The Perfect Gift

Finding gifts that our friends and family are certain to enjoy is quite a tough ask these days, isn’t it? In an age of tech, gadgets, and delivery-by-drones, it can be hard work unearthing a winning gift. Something which will genuinely be appreciated and enjoyed without lots of hassle. And as much as I love receiving another new pair of

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