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This blog is designed to give you an insight into the wonderfully diverse world of wines and also a bit of a peek into what life is like at Virgin Wines HQ. We’ll introduce you to our Wine buyers and let you know where they have been on their round the world sampling trips. We’ll take you on a tour of the wine making countries of the world and provide you with some interesting information on a wide variety of grapes, some of which are better known than others. Look out for our Virgin Wines News section, this will keep you up to date with everything we are involved in from raising money for charity to what we got up to at the latest staff party and where you can join us at our next tasting event.

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Meet the Folks Behind the Blog

Want to get to know the people who will be writing regular features in the blog? Well, now’s your chance to find a little more out about them!

David Wyatt – Communications & Social Media Manager 

Hi, I’m David Wyatt and I run all our social media channels here at Virgin Wines, including the blog that you’re currently reading. I also look after our PIMG_1009R interests, so if you see Virgin Wines mentioned in a glossy magazine or the local weekend paper, that’s me working with the lovely journalists up and down the country. I’ll be writing the majority of the content that you read on the blog with a little help from the people below. Outside of the wonderful world of Virgin Wines, I write professionally for a US based company on the NFL, and more accurately the New York Jets. If I’m not writing I’ll be at Carrow road cheering on the canaries or in the kitchen getting in my partners way, she’ll be cooking and I’ll be topping the wine glass up. Although I can cook a mean bit of dinner when the occasion calls for it and I love being in the kitchen.


Andy Baker – Head Wine Buyer


photo 18Hi my name’s Andrew Baker and I’m a Wine Buyer at Virgin Wines. If I changed the word ‘buyer’ to ‘vendor’ on my business card on Monday, I would have no friends left by the end of the week! You may already recognise me if you have seen some of our wine tasting videos on YouTube. I’ve been working at Virgin Wines since the Big Bang, when the dot com bubble burst, about 10 mins after we launched, in the year 2000. For me a typical day consists of tasting wine, talking to wine producers, hassling suppliers, defending my position against people who think that tasting wine at 8am is brilliant fun! It’s hard work you know! Like most people in the wine trade, I got into it more by accident than design. One minute I was reaching for a litre of ‘grand vin’ from Bordeaux, thinking it might look cultured, the next I was drinking very fine German Rieslings on inter-city coach journeys…from a Riedel. There’s no way back from there!

Dave Roberts – Wine Buyer – @DR_VirginWines


Hello I’m Dave Roberts and I’m also a Wine Buyer for Virgin Wines. I don’t get in front of the camera as much as my more filmed colleague Andy Baker but that’sdave-roberts not to say I’m not super busy behind the scenes. I’ve been at Virgin Wines since 2008 and have worked in the wine trade since 1999. I started life working in customer services at Laithwaites and slowly but surely found myself sinking deeper into the vat! I met Jay in 2008 and the rest they say is history. A typical day in the office brings, what is often described as the best job in the world, down to earth, however, saying that it does beat selling insurance, or so I’m told!! In all seriousness a day in the office is fairly varied, from tasting samples, talking to producers and suppliers and writing up new wines for the site. I could continue but you’d get bored… Thankfully I’m not always office bound and often get to sample wines on location across the world. Not a bad life really!

Andrew Porton – Marketing Consultant

Hello my name’s Andrew Porton. My official title is Marketing Consultant, although unofficially I have many other titles – some not entirely flattering! My role involves a broad spectrum of creative/communication wine related activity; ranging from working with wine growers and winemakers to make the sort of wine that people would want to drink; working with designers to package them; concept, copy and art direction; and generally trying to help the company find ways to make wine more fun. There’s no such thing as a typical day for me: one day I might be writing copy and wine labels, another might see me wandering amongst some of the oldest vines in California, or working with small wineries off-the-beaten-track in South Africa, setting up some bespoke winemaking for the coming vintage. Not forgetting the occasional two-hour train ride to Norwich from London for a meeting-crammed day at Virgin Wines’ HQ. Life is busy, but I thank my lucky stars that I get to market something I really enjoy – something that brings a lot of pleasure to people. In my spare time enjoy I music: since I was a child I’ve been able to hear a tune and then play it back on the piano… and I once won a quite major Karaoke competition in New Zealand, although I’m still not quite sure how, as my singing is terrible!


Virgin Wines Blog Editorial Team

David Wyatt

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Unlike supermarkets, Virgin Wines is not about selling big name wines made in huge factories using mass produced techniques. Instead, we sell boutique quality wines produced by small independent winemakers who make their wine for love and not money.

We believe in offering our customers exceptional value for money and our wine buyers constantly scour the globe to find the best wines possible.

Whether you are looking to buy a case for the first time or prefer to receive regular shipments, we have something to suit you. Oh and make sure you have a go on our wine auctions – you never know you might strike lucky!

We’ve created this blog so you can take a sneak peek into the world of Virgin Wines. We want it to feature good wholesome fun and act as a forum where everyone can talk about wine. Please feel free to leave your comments in relation to specific articles. However, if you have a question regarding a wine delivery or service related issue, please contact customerservice@virginwines.co.uk and for general comments and suggestions about Virgin Wines, please email us at suggestions@virginwines.co.uk

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