A Visit To Ridgeview

Last year (it feels strange to be saying that), before we welcomed and hopefully suitably entertained our south coast customers at our annual Brighton tasting, we made a little detour and visited the team at Ridgeview. With the 2015 harvest complete and the tanks full it provided the perfect opportunity to get an early peak at how the wines were coming along.

As always the welcome was warm, the weather wasn’t mind you, so we kept the usual wander through the vines down to a minimum and headed into the winery to taste some of the new tanks.

Winemaker Robin Langton was on hand to take us around the facilities. It’s such a compact site you can get around it pretty quickly. With the big plans to grow the business over the coming years, it’s no wonder they’re investing in a brand new facility due to be ready for the 2016 vintage.

After a quick look round Robin led us on a whistle stop tour of this year’s tanks. It was and always is a fantastic experience to get a look at the base wines (wines that will be blended together before the 2nd fermentation) and get a good look at the wines at different stages of fermentation and the flavour characteristics of the different vineyard sites they came from.

Tough to tell with a few samples we tasted as they were very much still early ferments but overall they ‘15s were looking really smart. Plenty of fruit character, great vibrancy, plenty of structure and perfect acidity. All the essentials for producing world class sparkling wines. I look forward to tasting the finished wines when they’re due for release.

In the meantime I urge you to get stuck into the current wines available and here are a few snaps for those of you who just like a nice picture.


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