A Romanian Odyssey – From Dracular to Dragons

I’ve worked for Virgin Wines for several years now and until recently, had never connected Romania with winemaking despite its long history of viticulture.  As a lover of film I associate Romania with the exploits of Dracula in Transylvania, a territory bounded by the Carpathian mountain range.  A region associated with mysterious tales of supernatural beings, vampires if you will or as the Romanians call them strigoi!


So when I talked to our Wine Buyer Dave Roberts about the new range of Romanian Wines we would be stocking, I simply had to try it. The Dragon Hills Syrah was my first port of call, a fruit-packed offering that was just my taste. The colour was one that Dracula would approve of and had he not had a taste for the iron-rich blood of mankind, I’m sure he would have quaffed down a bottle or two.

The winery that we work with looks nothing like a deserted castle with cobwebs and coffins as the only decoration in sight and a fridge devoid of food but stacked with virals of the red stuff. However it does look like a top facility to grow some fine grapes to make delicious wines.  After being introduced to the World of Romanian wine through the Dragon Hills Syrah, I was delighted to hear that not only had our customers also loved it, but we were getting another offering from the same winery!


Enter Balaur Ridge Cabernet Sauvignon, the name Balaur is actually taken from a mythical Romanian Dragon! In fact scientists named a unique species of a theropod dinosaur that lived in Romania during the Late Cretaceous period after the Balaur Dragon of Romanian folklore.  Needless to say, I wasn’t disappointed.

In summary I’m a Romanian wine convert. With four wines currently in our portfolio I’ll continue to hound our Wine Buyers to extend the range, I’m sure it won’t take too much persuasion. After all they were the ones who brought these diamonds to our range in the first place.


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