6 White Wines You Need To Be Drinking

There is a tendency to think of white wine as a summer drink and red wine as a winter drink. On the surface it makes sense, you generally serve white wines cold with lighter dishes, those suited to the summer. Red wine can be just as refreshing, especially the lighter varieties like Pinot Noir, so next week we’re going to be focusing in on 6 red wines that you absolutely have to try this summer. Today however we’re focusing in on the white. The weekend is set to be a scorcher with temperatures reaching 28 degrees tomorrow (supposedly), so now is the time to get the wine rack in order.

Chateau de Lancyre La Rouviere Pic St Loup Blanc 2013 – £14.99

A remarkably excellent new wine from Pic St Loup, in the Languedoc. When someone describes a white wine as being fresh and minerally, it generates a Pavlovian response. The anticipation of the delicious, precise refreshment that these words imply sets off a reflex response in the mouth. And that is surely the mark of a great bottle of white. Is this romanticising a little? No, it isn’t. This wine is terrific, and is great value within the context of excellent French white wine.

A customer review of Chateau de Lancyre at Virgin Wines

Clos du Gaimont Vouvray Demi Sec 2014 – £11.99

Intensely fruity, just off dry and gloriously ripe it’s a stunner on its own. Insanely good wine from a vintage so exciting that our Wine Buyer’s hair went completely grey upon tasting the wines from barrel before bottling. There’s no better value if you like your wines super-clean and refreshing as well as being classy enough to deliver apricots, honey and a divine minerality. Personally speaking, I ensure I have at least one or two bottles of this in my wine-rack at all times.

Customer review Clos du Gaimont Vouvray Demi Sec at Virgin Wines

Devil’s Peak Limited Edition Chenin Blanc 2014 – £9.99

New vintage of our favourite Cape Chenin Blanc. Classic old salt, a wine that we know you love! This wine is the trade mark of lovely winemaker Marinda Kruger ? subtle intricacy and nuance. We work with her to make the wines both she and we love, which means no compromise. She has great attention to detail, costing you less money than the wine would suggest, it has to be said.

Customer review of the Devils Peak Chenin Blanc at Virgin Wines

16 Little Black Pigs Pinot Grigio 2013 – £8.99

Fresh-as-a-daisy alternative to the Italian variety we all know and love. It’s a wonderful thing when a good idea is exported and becomes something not only different, but just a little better too. So it is here, with our Down Under version of the Italian classic that we are all addicted to. This has turned out beautifully, sporting lovely lemon-fresh fruit with crisp-apple vitality, born in the spirit of the La Dolce Vita, and ready to be drunk as an aperitif or with white fish. We still love the Italians and all the Pinot Grigio goodness they produce, but there is something very special about the Australian take on the grape.

Customer review of the 16 little black pigs at Virgin Wines

Finca Manzanos Seleccion de la Familia Rioja Blanco 2014- £10.99

One of Spain’s finest new star attractions from a small, independent, family-owned bodegas. Here’s our new up and coming white Rioja, yes that’s right, white Rioja! It hails from a family owned Bodegas in La Rioja, meaning it’s been made with the best care and attention – and that means one thing – an all round fantastic wine! This wine is bright yellow with hints of gold and an explosive apricot nose! Its character is rounded, at once fresh. You’ll find grapefruit, soft pear, honeysuckle and almond notes in this beauty, with a lingering finish of stone fruit… heavenly

Customer review of the Finca Manzanos Rioja Blanco

The Intrepid Bear Lodi Sauvignon Blanc 2014

Lovely new vintage of an easy Californian style Sauvignon.Working with burly, but ever-so friendly winemaker Natale we have come up trumps again and we’ve got the best of their savvy here. The key thing here is the relationship we have. We go early too, January, and see the best cuvées and then blend the best blend from them. Combined, that really delivers. It’s an easy wine in the Californian style. Try with mussels.

Review of the Intrepid Bear Sauvignon at Virgin Wines


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    Little Black Pigs Pinot Grigio.
    Excellent light wine with a smooth taste. Lovely with a fish meal.
    Bigger bottles should be on the agenda.

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