3 Wineries To Visit In Spain

Do you ever really need a reason to visit Spain? Blistering sun, delicious food and afternoon siestas. If you don’t fancy running with (away from) the Bulls in Pamplona, then here is a chance of pace. 3 wineries you really must visit in Spain. Famous for the legendary Rioja, Spain has so much more to offer.  From Valencia in the south to Bilbao in the north, discovering Spanish wine is always a treat.

We happen to work with a number of incredible wineries in Spain. Some are rustic and historical. Some are modern and innovative. However they all have one thing in common. They all made absolutely stunning wines every single year without fail. Which is why you love them and we continue to go back for more and more.

If you’re planning a trip to Spain, try and fit at least one of these wineries in. If you contact the owners, normally they are more than happy to show you around. There is a real pride among Spanish winemakers. They don’t need a reason a showcase their range of wines to anyone and everyone.

Bodega Pago De Vallegarcía

A picture of Bodega Pago De Vallegarcia
Bodega Pago De Vallegarcia

Finca Vallegarcia, 13194 Retuerta del Bullaque, Cdad. Real, Spain – Website

Vallegarcia has been one of the most popular wines in our range over the last couple of years, and it’s hardly surprising.  Located in central Spain near Toledo, all of the grapes are hand harvested at optimum ripeness.  Bodega Pago is one of the more modern wineries in Spain equipped with some of the latest winemaking technology. Situated between rugged mountains and lush valleys, the wines are a true expression of their surroundings. With the vineyard situated 850m above sea level. The climate is very continental. Hot and dry summers, with cool and wet winters.

Bodegas Manzanos

a picture of Bodegas Manzanos
Bodegas Manzanos

Bodegas Manzanos, Ctra. NA 134, km. 49 Azagra – Website

We’ve been working with the team at Manzanos for many years now and their wines are just as beautiful as their winery. It’s definitely one of the most stunning pieces of architecture in Spanish wine.  Situated right where the Ebro and Ega rivers converge, this family owned company has been making wine since 1890. This is the perfect Combination of elegance and innovation. The team at Manzanos work tirelessly to produce wines of the highest quality. With some vines being over 50 years old, the climate matched with the clay soils work in perfect harmony.

Dehesa Del Carrizal

a picture of the Dehesa Del Carrizal winery
Dehesa Del Carrizal

Finca Dehesa del Carrizal, Ctra. Navas de Estena, Km 5, 13194 Retuerta del Bullaque – Website

Located in the Montes de Toledo, Dehesa del Carrizal is surrounded by picturesque views. Having received the highest rating possible by being awarded the Vino de Pago, the wines are a true representation of the area. With a Mediterranean climate with a splash of Atlantic influence, the vineyards are perfect for the slow ripening of the grapes. Being at the foot of the mountains, Dehesa Del Carrizal enjoys nutrient rich clay floorings on which to grow its wines.  With careful and dedicated vineyard management, the results speak for themselves. As they say “We care for the earth because she takes care of us”.


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    • Caroline Stevenson


      Love Spanish reds, would like to try lighter ones for the summer .
      Never been to a winery, would like to do that too!

    • Alice White


      I’d love to win the competition. We get the wine boxes regularly, such good value for money too!

  2. I love Bodega Pago although the building looks quite stark, it fits well with the landscape, but more importantly they make great wine.

  3. Would love to visit Dehesa Del Carrizal as I am rather partial to neighbouring Toledo

  4. Kayleigh white


    I’ve always wanted to visit a vineyard abroad, to see how the crops are handled and made into wine. (@xxfluffywhitexx on Twitter)

  5. I would love to visit Dehesa Del Carrizal it looks lovely and peaceful

  6. Good Spanish food and wine.
    I never thought about contacting a winery owner to arrange a visit, but I will.
    Detest Del carina like will be on the sit due to the Vino de Pago award they hold.

    (Angelag62800919 on Twitter)

  7. I think Dehesa del Carrizal would be my first pick out of the three. Who wouldn’t want to pay a visit?

  8. Michael C.


    How is 2016 looking for the wineries? Good year?

  9. Alison Roome


    These vineyards look amazing. I love Spanish wine and would love to win a case.

  10. Jeremy Walt


    The Bodega Pago De Vallegarcia looks wonderfully modern for a vineyard – good to have the right traditions with a modern twist from production to ethos – just need to see if the ‘proof is in the pudding’ or in this case bottle!

  11. claire blaney


    I love the idea of going wine tasting I think its so amazing how wine is made

  12. Jack Haley


    Not going to lie I’m only here for the chance to win some to sample!!:-)

  13. Emsy Moore


    Love a vineyard and winery tour and these sound delightful…!

  14. Wow this would be lovely! ☺️

  15. Wendy Pollard


    I have been on several vineyard tours & find the are worthwhile because they give you an insight into the local wines & an opportunity to try them before you buy.

  16. Carrie Ashton


    The Dehesa Del Carrizal vineyard sounds amazing.

  17. We holiday in spain near Valencia and love trying the local wines, wish more were available here at home

  18. Eileen Teo


    Love to visit them!

  19. Mary Heald


    Just come back froma holiday in Spain. Unfortunately we didint visit any vineyards….just to hot to do anything except swim.

  20. Jayne Sullivan


    I would love to visit the Dehesa Del Carrizal vineyard. I have always fancied visiting the city of Toledo.

  21. Sharron


    I;d love to spend a month in Spain visiting the wine regions.

  22. Fiona Aitken


    I have never been lucky enough to visit Spain (on my bucket list) it’s my husband’s 50th birthday soon and sitting sipping some wine from yourself sounds like a blissful way to celebrate
    (Following on Twitter @FionaHopeAitken )

  23. Sounds like the perfect way to spend a summer, touring Spain visiting wineries and sampling the local produce….. better get the map out and start planning! 🙂

  24. Kathryn Davies


    @thomascomp. Very interesting. Sounds like the perfect trip. Wine and Spain…what more can I say?

  25. Duangmala


    Delicious boutique wines

  26. Oh wow! These all look fantastic!

  27. Coralie @conetco


    Viva Espagna! It has been a long time time I have not had any Spanish wine hint hint…

  28. Sue Hodges


    would love to visit

  29. Jon Stewart


    I love going on brewey and vineyard tours.. Starting to get into wine more as I get older!

  30. lia sturman


    would love to visit 🙂

  31. Luckily my pigeon Spanish does stretch to ordering a glass of wine (or two) and I’d be spoiled for choice it seems after reading this post….

  32. Love Spanish wines…the taste of sunshine!

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      David Wyatt


      Hi Zoe,

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    this sounds awesome

  34. It looks so amazing and would be great to visit and taste the wines 🍸😍 X

  35. would be fab if I was lucky enough to win please thanks for a great giveaway

  36. Julie Anne Barker


    Super love Spanish wines

  37. Natalie Crossan


    The Dehesa Del Carrizal vineyard sounds good 🙂 xx

  38. Spain’s wine regions have been on the top of my travel wish list for a long time! I’d love the opportunity to visit them and meet the winemakers! This experience would be such a fantastic addition to my wine, food & travel blog!!

  39. Jack Moseley


    Spanish wine paired with Spanish food when sat In the sun is my idea of sheer bliss.

  40. Anonymous


    I would love the opportunity to win a case of Spanish wine! I’ve worked in the Virginia wine industry and versed in mainly Italian wines. This would be an incredible way to learn more about Spanish wines.. I would pair each one with a different tapas meal and write about each pairing in my blog lisacomento.com Cheers!

  41. I would love the opportunity to win a case of Spanish wine! I’ve worked in the Virginia wine industry and versed in mainly Italian wines. This would be an incredible way to learn more about Spanish wines.. I would pair each one with a different tapas meal and write about each pairing in my blog lisacomento.com Cheers! *This time I left my email :o)

  42. Love the unbelievable diversity of Spain’s wine regions. There’s a distinct terroir showcased in each bottle.

  43. Lucy Garden


    What a good idea for a holiday! Thanks for the suggestions

  44. Michael


    Love Rioja, love Virgin Wines. Wish there were more Spanish wines in my discovery boxes but shouldn’t complain. New company idea……Virgin Wine Tours!?

  45. Lisa mills


    Never thought of going to a winery whilst staying in Spain. Will definitely look into further for my next trip 🙂

  46. Lynette MacKenzie


    I would love to win a case of wine! 💖 I love your wines! @virginwines Thanks for the comp 🙂

  47. I think it’s fascinating to see where a wine is produced. Trying something new is always fun, especially when it’s wine!!

  48. Anonymous


    Nothing beats a full bodied Rioja!

  49. Nothing beats a full bodied Rioja!

  50. Nick Harris


    Love to do this… would also be a great opportunity to hear how to correctly pronounce some of the more unusual names too! 🍷@mrnickharris

  51. David Jack


    Tapas and a Spanish red,bliss

  52. Ian Rae


    Great to hear the stories of how you are working with different wine makers. Holiday in Spain? Drinking wine? Why not

  53. I know very little about Spanish wines. I have learned such a lot from wineries tours in Californis, New Zealand and even here in the UK, and understand the wines of those regions much better since taking the tours. I would love to do the same with Spanish wines.

  54. HannahVCW


    Hubbys absolute fav wine is Rioja!

  55. Susannah Clayton


    Would love to visit a vineyard….but the case of wine would be a good compromise 😊

  56. Love Spanish wine and always get great bottles from Virgin Wines

  57. I love Rioja, but have not tried any other Spanish wines, this is something I need to do. Also tempted to book a holiday to Spain within the next few years to visit some vineyards!

  58. Sharon H


    I have visited vineyards in Italy and France but never Spain and reading this makes me so want to.

  59. Hazel Rea


    I’ve only visited a British vineyard so visiting a Spanish one would allow me to see any differences. We have a neighhour who often plans his holidays around visiting vineyards and he really recommends it.



    I have never visited a winery. I love Spanish wines though xxx

  61. Zina Nomicas


    Love the fact that Bodegas Manzanos
    is family owned. It’s never occurred to me to visit this sort of place on holiday but it’s definitely on my bucket list now.

  62. Peter Hollingsworty


    Good Spanish wines are a lovely afternoon/evening tipple.

  63. Jan Beal


    I love Spanish wines made with old vines, it makes such a difference to the depth of flavour. For that reason I’d love to visit Bodegas Manzanos – or failing that I’ll have to be content with buying and drinking the wine here 🙂

  64. I like wine 😉

  65. Stuart McKenzie


    What a great article. We’ve never done a vineyard tour, but are researching one now.

  66. These wineries look amazing, I’d love to visit them one day. I’ll settle for sampling their wares for now.

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