New To The Range: A Small Selection

When we get brand new wines into stock I always have a little moment where I think ‘what if I’ve got this wrong and people hate it?’ I obviously have confidence in what I buy but you never really know how a wine will be received until people taste it and start rating it on the site. I guess some wine buyers never get to know if a wine they’ve bought is enjoyed by the people who buy and drink it as they don’t have a visible rating system like we do at Virgin Wines.

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So today my blurb is all about new arrivals…

Edalo Zalema 2013 – This wine is off-piste,  and quite brilliant. It is an Andalucían white, weird enough in a region that excels in fortified wine and is really quite hot. Allied to this is the fact that it’s made from 100% Zalema which, happily, is a grape albeit a new one even to us! Even better, it delivers something with a unique fingerprint that is exceptional to drink (varietal wines made from whacky grapes do not always make the most drinkable wines). This Zalema is at once fruity and quite reserved and subtle. It’s a crisp, dry summery wine with quince, liquorice, some grassy notes to the nose and lime citrus and ripe Williams pear palate, with hints of papaya.

Pouilly Fume Les Loges Pierre Marchand 2013 – Stunning family affair Sauvignon Blanc from one Pouilly’s most exciting producers. Their 16ha are worked in an eco friendly, minimal intervention way and the quality of wines soar as a result. One of the nicest aperitif wines we’ve sampled in some time, a must try with a big bowl of muscles or a good slab of pâté.

Le Sanglier Sauvage Reserve 2013 – An exciting addition to our sunny Mediterranean range of reds from the south of France, this is a classic Grenache Syrah blend, put together by our man, Gavin Crisfield, from some choice parcels of great wine from wonderful undiscovered domains only he really knows. This is a little bit meatier and richer than you would ordinarily expect giving a rich blend of terroir-driven characteristics: nose of herbs, tapenade and raspberry compote, with hints of white pepper and mouth coating dark fruit flavours with liquorice on the palate. Just delicious with lamb chops.


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